How does free advertising to a massive amount of interested and like-minded consumers sound to you? How about empowering the consumer, supporting earth-friendly companies and helping to clean up the earth?


To be a Nexyoo provider, we require that:

Your products and or services are earth-friendly.

Members of the Nexyoo Consumer Network have a strong desire to purchase green products and services that are environmentally friendly. Therefore, we work to connect them with companies that employ green business practices. Nexyoo respects what those companies are doing to promote the health of our planet, and we want to help them continue to grow through the use of our Conscious Green Business Network.

You offer honest, reliable and dependable service.

Integrity and impeccable service are extremely important to us at Nexyoo. We strive to go above and beyond to serve our members, and we ask that all of our Nexyoo providers share this same dedication to customer service. Working together, we can create incredibly strong and healthy business relationships.

You provide a Genuine Discount* to the Nexyoo network.

One of our missions at Nexyoo is to negotiate the best possible discounts on products and services for all of our eco-friendly members. In exchange for offering lower prices, Nexyoo providers are rewarded with generous advertising opportunities. The larger the discount you provide, the more exposure you receive for promoting your company.

*We do not accept generic discounts that are given freely via coupons or upon request. You must agree to offer a genuine benefit or discount to the Nexyoo Consumer Network.


To join the Nexyoo Consumer Network, members pay a one year subscription fee. As part of their many benefits, they are granted access to your eco-friendly products and services at a special discounted rate.

Being a Nexyoo provider can greatly reduce your green marketing expenses!

Traditional marketing

Using many of the traditional marketing methods can be incredibly expensive. Usually, your ROI (return on investment) leaves much to be desired. However, Nexyoo offers you an alternative that is guaranteed to get you the results you'd like.

Nexyoo's powerful search engine

Another feature offered to Nexyoo green consumers is the ability to access a powerful search engine filled with green companies like yours. Among the listings are comments and ratings left by other members. This information greatly influences a consumer's purchasing decisions and generates greater buying confidence and customer loyalty.

As a Nexyoo provider, you benefit from this exposure to the Conscious Consumer Network. This is because most consumers rely on product reviews and ratings when deciding on a purchase then the not-so-clever marketing schemes that are ineffective and expensive. As a result, the Nexyoo Business Network can reduce your marketing expenses while improving your results!

Nexyoo Agents

The Nexyoo Green Consumer Network is always growing.

Nexyoo providers are marketed to a massive network of individuals that are searching for products and services just like theirs. Best of all, this network is constantly growing! Therefore, Nexyoo is able to provide you with direct access to an ever-expanding segment of your target demographic.

Nexyoo is proud to offer our Agent Program to all earth friendly consumer members. As a Nexyoo agent, members are give access to state-of-the-art online marketing systems so that they may spread the word about the Nexyoo Consumer Network. As they build their group of conscious consumers, they also accrue monetary rewards for their efforts.

A headlining eMail

Premium eMail Marketing to all Nexyoo Members

As a Nexyoo provider, you are given the opportunity to promote your company in headlining e-mails to our extensive consumer database. This amazing offer enables you to advertise your eco-friendly product or service to all of those prospective customers. Normally, you would have to pay huge fees to reach an audience of this size using traditional marketing methods, but as a Nexyoo provider, it's simply another one of your many networking privileges.

An Interactive Listing

High Visibility Interactive Listing

Nexyoo will be the first place that our consumer members will look when searching for an earth friendly product or service. Being listed within this directory exposes you to consumers worldwide. Your interactive database listing will also include customer ratings and comments, which will only increase the strength of your brand.